• It is hard to describe Alma without using the word “creative” a lot. The words “fresh”, “intelligent”, “insightful” and “excellent” also come to mind.
    David Schutten
    PRESIDENT, David Schutten Advertising
  • The most well rounded yet creative person I've had the pleasure of working with... thoughtful, talented, and insightful.
    Fay Ferguson
    CO-OWNER, Burrell Advertising


Because she has Total Market Experience working in General, African American and Youth Marketing.

Because she has created award winning advertising that has won O’Tooles, Adweek's Best, Cebas, Windys, Effies, and a website that was an International Cannes Cyber finalist.

Because she is highly conceptual and a strategic visionary.

Because she played a key role in developing Burrell Advertising from a small niche multicultural player into a nationally recognized force.

Because she successfully created and managed campaigns for McDonald's, Verizon, P&G, and Sprite among others.

Because she was a member of a US Minority Media Fact-Finding Team that toured Brazil culminating in an ideation panel with the diplomatic staff to help promote tourism to Brazil, made multicultural marketing presentations to the Virgin Island Ad Clubs, and also worked on global productions in South Africa, Spain, Canada, France, and London.

Because just for fun she acted in an independent sci-fi straight to video film, wrote lyrics that were published and recorded on jazz artist Regina Belle’s CD, and took a 4 week Intensive French Course in a small fishing village (Villefranche-Sur-Mer) in the south of France.

Because she discovered and mentored creative talent that became successful creative directors at other agencies like Arnold, Global Hue, and BBDO.

Because she brings passion creativity and innovation to all projects no matter how big or small the scope, the budget or her role in it.

  • I gotta give Alma Hopkins...some dap.
    Jimmy Smith
    CEO, IPG Amusement PK Entertainment
  • Ask anyone who knows Alma Hopkins and they too will tell you she is a powerhouse...
    Leslie Gordon
    AUTHOR, "Dare To Be Extraordinary"
  • Alma was and STILL IS my mentor...that is all.
    Reggie Know
    Lady Gaga Branding, The Atom Factory